Herod Again Video

Hooded Priest have released a video for Herod Again, a track from their 2017 album The Hour Be None! Enjoy!

Metal Sound Interview

A Hooded Priest interview by Metal Sound's Marko Miranovic on our new album, our influences, our history and future... click here!

#7 on Doom Metal Front

The Hour Be None ranks 7th place on Doom Metal Front's top 70 of 2017! 'HOODED PRIEST are wielding the soar slowly and deadly on 'The Hour Be None', the brand new album of this Dutch-Flemish doom metal outfit. Serves heaviest traditionalism…

Latest Release

The Hour Be None

This is doom metal that will appeal to anyone with a sense of theatre and anyone who wants to bang their head as well; there is some great metal on offer here. Huge and sprawling in its ambition, The Hour Be None is a doom tour de force and I recommend it highly.

Source: Sludgelord

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