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December 9, 2011

A seminal part of the Dutch and Flemish doom metal scene for many years, with performances at some of the most renowned doom metal festivals in Europe, Hooded Priest are now ready to embark upon their next sonic adventure. With a revamped line-up and the recording of their new EP “These Skies Must Break” these doom metal veterans continue their relentless exploration of the dark, the dismal… the heavy.

All secretly worshipping at the altars of Cathedral, Winter, Count Raven and Reverend Bizarre, a few members of some long-running Dutch and Flemish metal bands decided to join forces in 2006 and create their own unique take on the doom metal genre. After a few weeks, they attracted the attention of vocalist Luther Finlay Veldmark, who joined the band before the year was over. Soon after, Hooded Priest was born.

One of their first achievements as a band was a performance at the acclaimed Dutch Doom Days festival in Rotterdam in 2008. After signing a record deal with Emanes Metal Records in 2009, the band released its debut album “Devil Worship Reckoning” in 2010. Due to its unconventional mixture of heavy/thrash metal riffing and old-school doom metal, combined with the unmistakable, almost theatrical sound of Veldmark’s vocals, “Devil Worship Reckoning” received favourable reviews in both national and international press. This all sparked a genuine interest in the band, which resulted in an intensive touring schedule in 2010 and 2011, taking the band to Germany, Austria, Great Britain, Denmark and Ireland and Malta. In 2013, Hooded Priest toured Continental Europe and the United Kingdom with Arkham Witch and Iron Void.

Now, three years and a few line-up revisions later, most notably the departure of their double bass player, Hooded Priest have finished an impressive list of new material which they are ready to share with the world. Never afraid to stray off the beaten path, the band has relinquished their earlier thrash and heavy metal influences, resulting in a slower, more primitive version of doom metal. With their atmospheric wall of sound, clever compositions and diverse musical influences, combined with the mischievous, dahlesque lyrics of their front man Luther Veldmark, the band has discovered a sound that is familiar and refreshing at the same time.

Following the official release of “These Skies Must Break”, Hooded Priest looks forward to returning to the stage in 2017, sharing their new material and their distinctive interpretation of “doom metal” with their fans. The release of their next full-length album is scheduled for later that year – with renowned Swedish label I Hate Records!

“What it comes down to, in the end…”, remarks Luther Veldmark, “… is that we really dig what we’re doing and we feel we have something to say through our music. Some people may not understand, but for us, we wouldn’t want to do anything else.”