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December 9, 2011

Dark Moon Brotherhood

… with The Bottle Doom Lazy Band and Hyde
When: Sat April 1 19:30
Where: Lille, France

Doom over Scania...

… with Taiwaz, Hex A.D. and Kimi Kärki from Lord Vicar.
When: Sat April 2 2016 16:00

Malta Doom Metal, Malta

… with Venom, Inc., Stonegriff, King Heavy, Cult of the Fox etc.
When: Sun November 22 2015 20:00

Aguynguerran and Hooded Priest at De Witte Non

… down in Flemish Limbugs, with Aguynguerran.
When: Sat April 19 2014 19:30

Doom Metal Trident Attack

... with Arkham Witch and Iron Void.
When: Sun November 10 2013 20:00
Where: The Sküll Sessions, De Verlichte Geeste, Roeselare – Belgium

Doom Metal Trident Attack

... with Arkham Witch and Iron Void.
When: Sat November 9 2013 20:00

Doom Over Vienna

... with Arkham Witch, Iron Void, Magma Rise, Altar of Oblivion, Mael Mordha, Somnus Aeternus and many more.
When: Fri November 8 2013 20:00

Doom Metal Trident Attack

... with Arkham Witch and Iron Void.
When: Sun October 13 2013 20:00

Full Moon Dog Festival

... with Arkham Witch, Iron Void, Asomvel, Pagan Altar, Amulet, Desolation Angels, Mercenary, Absolva and many more.
When: Sat October 12 2013 16:00

Doom Metal Trident Attack

... with Arkham Witch and Iron Void
When: Fri October 11 2013 20:00

Doom Metal Trident Attack

... with Arkham Witch and Iron Void
When: Thu October 10 2013 20:00
Where: The Parish, Huddersfield - United Kingdom

Malta Doom Metal, 2 - 4 November 2012

We've been asked to perform at this year's Malta Doom Malta with Iron Void (UK), Dawn of Winter (GER), Socerer (SWE), The Black (ITA) and Griffin Device (MAL)... more names to be announced!
When: Fri November 2 2012 00:00

Little Devil, 16 March 2012

We're making a rare exception and will play a gig at The Little Devil in Tilburg, the Netherlands on Friday 16 March. Our co-hosts will be Diggeth, Project B.O.P, Kandahar and SCMB. Doors will open at 19:00.
When: Fri March 16 2012 19:00

Hooded Priest is not doing any gigs for the next few months

... we're working on new material for the upcoming album.
When: Sun January 1 2012 00:00

Doom over Vienna VI

... a great way to end another year, great audience and perfect atmosphere! Thanks to Marche Funèbre, James Rivera and Metalsteel and of course everyone from Pagan Altar!
When: Sat November 12 2011 19:30

A Night to be Doomed

... playing with Marche Funébre for a handful of people on our way to Vienna, and why the hell not?!
When: Fri November 11 2011 20:00

The Pit goes Occult

... with Swamp Machine (NL) and the mighty Blood Cermony (CAN) - thanks for lending us the Gibson!
When: Fri October 14 2011 19:00

Full Moon Dog Festival

... in memory of Jay Jay Winter, with Procession (CL), Solstice (UK), When Idols Fall (UK) and Asomvel (UK).
When: Sat October 1 2011 15:00

Dublin Doom Day

... warm-up party with Hands of Orlac (IT), Wizards of Firetop Mountain (IR), Weed Priest (IR) and Hell (UK).
When: Fri September 9 2011 19:00

Dordrecht Doom Day

... with Pantheist (UK), Officium Triste (NL), 40 Watt Sun (UK) and Spina Bifida (NL), Faal (NL) and Akem Manah (BE).
When: Sat May 14 2011 19:00

Nepherex Fext V

... the Vth edition of Nepherex, with Dylath Leen (FR) and Tyrant's Kall (BE).
When: Sat April 23 2011 20:00

Back Against The Wall II

... playing in The Hague with Rectal Smegma and Officium Triste.
When: Fri April 1 2011 19:30

Like a Plague upon Belgium

... playing in Antwerp with our dear friends from Children of Doom (FR) and Procession (CL).
When: Fri February 18 2011 19:00

Dutch Doom Days

... the most acclaimed two-day doom festival in the Netherlands with Ocean Chief (SE), Eternal Elysium (JP), Bottle Doom Lazy Band (FR), Hooded Menace (FI) and Grimpen Mire (UK).
When: Sun November 7 2010 14:00

Metal Magic Festival

... an excellent three-day festival with Darkened Nocturnal Slaughtercult, Angel Witch, Hürlement, In Solitude and many more.
When: Thu July 8 2010 12:30
Where: Ungdommens Hus, Fredericia - Denmark

Devil Worship Reckoning - Release Party

... performance and party to celebrate the release of Devil Worship Reckoning
When: Fri May 21 2010 20:30
Where: OJC Jonosh, Heusden - The Netherlands

Springdoom Depression II

... with Umor (CR), Cojones (CR) and Angor (AT).
When: Sat April 17 2010 20:15
Where: Escape Metal Corner, Vienna - Austria