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Doom metal fanatics Arkham Witch, Iron Void and Hooded Priest will be playing the UK in October during their Doom Metal Trident Attack Tour. A month later, we will head towards continental Europe where we’ll be playing in Vienna, Austria and in Erfurt, Germany.

The dates are as follows:

Doom Metal Trident Attack – UK

  • Thursday, 10 October – The Parish, Huddersfield – England
  • Friday, 11 October – Scruffy Murphy’s, Birmingham – England
  • Saturday, 12 October – Full Moon Dog Festival, The Cockpit, Leeds – England
  • Sunday, 13 October – Bannerman’s Bar, Edinburgh – Scotland

  • Doom Metal Trident Attack – EU

  • Friday, 8 November – Doom Over Vienna, Escape Metal Corner, Vienna – Austria
  • Saturday, 9 November – Circle of Tyrants, Club Centrum, Erfurt – Germany
  • Sunday, 10 November – The Sk├╝ll Sessions, De Verlichte Geeste, Roeselare – Belgium

  • We still have an opening to play somewhere in Mid-Germany on Thursday 7 November, so if you’re interested in an old-school doom metal eardrum massage, please contact us here.

    We look forward to spreading some doomy tunes to all you listeners out there!

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