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The Austrian radio show Seeds of Doom (The Misery Show) has broadcasted a special on the upcoming Doom Over Vienna festival, with tracks of every performing band – including yours truly. Be sure to check them all out, it’s an impressive bill!

For more Doom and Misery, click here!


Brothers and sisters….

The hour is nigh! Hooded Priest is preparing for their upcoming tour to start in a few weeks. Our new album ‘The Hour Be None’ will, by then, be available on pre-sale for your doomed cravings. We invite you all and await your presence. For dates and locations, see here or check the schedule below. Your futile existence will never be the same…

New Hooded Priest shirts

September 28, 2017

We’ve designed some new shirts to go with our new album – The Hour Be None. We’ll be taking them with us to our gigs the next few months, so you can get your very own – and very cool – Hooded Priest fan shirts! Or you can just drop us an e-mail if you’re interested. We’ll let you know when they’re all done!


We’ve released a short trailer for our new album ‘The Hour Be None’. To be released by I Hate Records this autumn. Please click the image below – and enjoy!

The Hour Be None (teaser)


The recording and mastering for our upcoming album is all done. The artwork is finished and everything is delivered to our friends at I Hate. The release is scheduled sometime during the next few months – so stay tuned!


Hooded Priest is thrilled to announce that Sweden’s I Hate Records, home of Jex Thoth, The Gates of Slumber, The Wounded Kings, Spiritus Mortis etc., will release our upcoming full-length album in autumn of this year.

In the meantime, the recording and mixing process at Omega Continuum Productions has entered its final stage. Our new tracks will soon be sent to As Loud As to be mastered by none other than Sven Lens.

Vocal Recordings…

May 21, 2017

Luce is doing the vocals for the album. One day to go… finalising Call for the Hearse and recording Herod Again.

Dublin Doom Days

May 4, 2017

Simple… Voodoo Lounge, Dublin, 11 November 2017, be there!

See our calendar for more shows.


Laying down the guitar tracks for our upcoming album at Omega Continuum. More info will appear soon!


What a great evening and what a show! Thanks to all those attending, the organisers, thanks to Hyde for opening and thanks to The Bottle Doom Lazy Band for a mind-blowing show – again! We had a fantastic time and look forward to returning again soon!

Pics, video’s and review available at our Facebook page!